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Kelli Briggs

Co-Owner/Operations Manager

Kelli had sights set on a veterinary career, but ended up changing paths during her studies to work for the family business, GTS Communications. Instead of leaning toward an entitled mindset, she was willing to start at the bottom and work her way up. Eventually, Kelli was running the company right alongside her parents. That led to the creation of 3B IT Services. Besides being an enterprising business owner, Kelli’s true devotion is to her family. Her goal is to ensure that her children have the opportunity for a secure future. Just as she was able to build on her parents’ success, she hopes that 3B IT Services will be a legacy for her children to build upon.

All that being said, Kelli has never left her love of animals behind. She is involved with the Animal Protection League (APL), often interacting with community members to rescue and rehome animals. Her kind heart is seen by everyone who knows her, and it drives her to give 3B IT Services clients the very best in customer service.