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We are Kelli Briggs, Scott Briggs, and Michael Shienkaruk, and we want to be your go-to IT services provider. Our technicians have been in the field for decades and have traveled all of the United States to service both international and domestic companies. Our customer base includes health care facilities, attorneys’ offices, financial institutions, and small family-run businesses.

3B IT Services has beginnings a few decades back, with Kelli’s parents’ company, GTS Communications. Founded in 1996 and providing comprehensive technology services to clients across industries, this award-winning, family-owned business paved the way for 3B IT Services.

3B IT Services is proud to be a woman-owned business, and Kelli is a true expert in her field. Along with Scott and Mike, she provides stellar service and customer care, all while telling it like it is–this team will never try to sell clients on services or products that they don’t need or want. They are willing and ready to go above and beyond what clients expect, and aim to be the first company that someone with technology needs reaches out to. 

There’s no need to Google it with these folks around–just “3B IT.” We can say this with confidence because Kelli, Scott, and Michael share a collective 64 total years of experience, with expertise that makes 3B IT Services one of the leading cable installation companies in the U.S. They also use their acquired knowledge when helping clients to develop and plan for the future. This team knows what’s now, but they also know what’s next, and they are always working to future-proof their clients’ projects.

Life Outside the Network

Once a couple, but always a family, Kelli and Scott are family-focused. ”3B” refers to “3 Briggs”–their three children. Kelli, Scott, and Michael are proud to offer the children a successful career in technology, should they so choose. They know the struggle that comes with establishing a business, and it brings them comfort to know that the children can have an easier time of it than they did. One of their children has autism, and knowing that he will always have a position alongside his family is the greatest gift that 3B IT Services can provide.

For Kelli and Scott, as for most parents, their lives revolve around the children. But they also make time for their community. As a family they spend most free time together, and are proud to be involved in several non-profit organizations. From working with the Animal Protection League and Autism Speaks, to donating their hard-earned funds, they are happy to give to causes that are close to their hearts.

3B IT Services makes their philanthropy possible–clearly, there are plenty of reasons why Kelli and her team are ready to give your project their all!

Grow With 3B IT Services

We are headquartered in Valley City, Ohio and service the entire state. We are also willing to travel to surrounding states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky.

Our team is always ready to expand our clientele. So if you operate a commercial business and need IT services or support, don’t be a stranger! If 3B IT Services sounds like the IT and infrastructure solutions company for you, get in touch to learn more about our services and how we can make your next project a success.